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Get to Know Colleen Difonzo-Lewis

Describe your aesthetic in three words:

Practical. Inviting. Polished.

What made you go into the interior design field?

I was at a point in my life where I wanted a career change. I was a fashion and beauty editor and part of my job was to style photo shoots and red carpet looks. I always loved interior design and mixing fabrics. Styling a home felt like a natural extension of fashion.


I didn’t have kids at the time, so I was able to go back to school without any distractions and get my degree.

What do you do for inspiration when you’re feeling stumped?

I remove myself from my comfort zone. Whether it’s going to a restaurant I’ve never been to, or browsing a store I normally wouldn’t go in.

What is your design process?

Each process is different based on the client and what they’re specific needs and wants are. I like to get a feel for what my clients love – food, travel, animals, etc. It doesn’t have to be specific to décor. I want to create a space that reflects the style of the people who live there. You wouldn’t want to show up to a party in the same outfit as someone else, so why would you decorate your home just like your neighbor?

What is the best design advice you’ve received?

A home is never really finished. It grows and evolves with you.

Favorite piece of furniture?

Chairs! Comfy ones to actually sit in or just be an accent piece. They can make or break a room.   I have a storage unit filled with ones I love but haven’t found a place for yet.

What’s on your nightstand?

A lamp and photo of my family. I keep books, reading glasses, hand lotion, etc. in the nightstand drawer – I don’t like clutter.

What’s your favorite item in your house?

A vintage, hand-blown glass chandelier. I had it shipped from Italy. It took four hours to put together. It’s gorgeous.

What are three things you do right before company arrives?

Fluff pillows, wipe down the counter and make sure no dishes are in the sink.

Finish this sentence: Every room needs_______

Good lighting.